Esther Windsor
Ugly Beast is a critical study of curating contemporary fine art. It reflexively examines curatorial politics and subjectivity via relationships with artists, conversations, production process, anthropological observation, fictional and documentary writing projects and experimentation with curator/artist roles. My research is based on my past curatorial practice in publicly funded organizations, art school galleries and artist led spaces: 1000 000mph London; mirror, LCP, London; the waiting room, University of Wolverhampton and Hull time-based arts. Ugly Beast takes pleasure in unrealistic political ideals and romantic ambitions; is obscene, odd, stupid, savage, shy and not sure, sometimes sorry; decadent, useless, conceited, excessive, glamorous; monstrous, stained, disappointed defiant and proud. Fictional characters express features via an agony aunt, flirting with celebrity, indulging confession, arguing and resolving gallery practices. Ugly Beast will emerge like a parasite on the edge of official practices in practice experiments.