Esther Windsor

David Kefford


9 April – 8 May 2005
Private View Friday 8 april 6.30 – 10pm

1000000mph project space

open Mon-Fri. 12 - 6pm

59 Old Bethnal Green Road, London E2 6QA

Curated by Esther Windsor

1000000mph project space is proud to present David Kefford in his first solo exhibition in London.

His sculptures, made from forgotten and donated objects, provide a skeletal backbone to their being. Evolving over several months they mutate dramatically until they emerge, otherworldly with organs, limbs, genitalia and personality. Their awkward flesh is given form by bandages, papier mache, foam and tape. A twisted knotty and hairy surface is sutured together with glue, resin and paint, giving them a saturated, wet and viscous skin.

Bashful and unbecoming, David’s sculptures are simultaneously bound together and coming apart. Graceful and grotesque, fragile and unavoidably sexual, they have a desperate charm that is touchingly self-conscious. In hiding from and protesting to the world, they submit already to their inevitable sense of independence and isolation.

Ill at ease with the world and asking to be loved, their insides are worn on the outside. They literally wear their heart on their sleeve.